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Tatami Kurashiki set 6

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It was very light and cute laying tatami mat was able to be made as it is with the good place of tatami matting such as soundproofing, heat insulation and humidity adjustment effect.To those who want to make kids space in the room, those who want to make a bedding space, those who worry about moisture under the flooring or futon, those who want light exercise such as stretching at home.

If it is lightweight folding tatami, it is easy to clean up except when you need it, it is very convenient. Even women are light enough to carry three or four sheets at once, they are soft although there is a sense of stability, so sitting does not hurt the body.

The back side is processed with non-woven fabric, and a nonslip sheet is attached.

You can combine your favorite colors, and can enjoy coloring suited to your room.

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Additional Information
Product Detail
Product Weight 24 Kg
Product Size 82 cm x 82 cm x 3 cm
Packing Weight 24 Kg
Packing Size 82 cm x 82 cm x 3 cm
Color Brown Natural Blue
Material Brown Natural Blue

* Length x Width X Height

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